"Night Vision" using tricky painting and an LED...

Well... got a photo, finally, in near darkness using the green LED.  And yeah, this should look pretty damn sharp, when it is all done:)  The fact that they are all painting in blacks and greens REALLY makes this look monochromatic, almost... it really fools the eye:)

Now I have to think about the positioning of the SEAL team.  I have three guys on the move (one running who you see above, one jogging who you see behind him, and one basically standing still... so either a team breaking into a run, or slowing down).  Then I've got two guys taking a knee aiming, and the guy by the door with his fist in the air.  So... the three guys breaching, one kneeling guy at the back providing overwatch, the two guys as is by the door?  A closed fist DOES mean stop, though, right?  So should I reverse the order of the guys advancing, like they are slowing down/stopping as they approach the door?  Thoughts?