I get schooled in a game of "X-Wing!"

Hi all!

Well, after a long, work-induced break, my X-Wing buddy came back around to finish off our trilogy... as in the real thing, the good guys won the first, the bad guys the second... so who would win Return of the Jedi?

I went for what I thought would be a fun build over a good build... a base shuttle carrying Darth Vader and having an Engine Upgrade, two TIE Bombers with a single concussion missile, and the old Soontir Fel+PTL+Stealth device standby which is SO much fun to fly.

My enemy brought Luke with R2, Tein Nub, a Grey Y-Wing and a Gold Y-Wing.  Lots and LOTS of hit points and shields, very little agility!

At the top is a shot from after the first few turns... I went head on with my Bombers in an attempt to get a target lock/focus, but a little bad spacing left me maybe TOO close.  The shuttle was coming in to help, while Fel zipped up the flank.

... and that doesn't work out.  The huge squad of Rebel ships blows my one Bomber out of the.. well, space... before he can get any ordinance off!

Then my giant shuttle goes bumbling into the mix, as I was SO not thinking about how damned huge this thing was.

And here are the results... goodbye, shuttle, before you can even USE Vader or the Engine Upgrade ONCE.  Points well spent.

At this point it was over.  One Y-Wing was almost gone, and Tien Nub was in BAD shape, but Luke was untouched, the other Y-Wing was untouched, and the TIE Bomber was, soon after the above shot, blown away.  At that point it was late, and Soontir flew home to bed!

Overall another fun game, and I don't mind seeing the jedi return! 


Final "Longstreet" heroes and sharpshooter markers done

Hi all!

Well, I wanted to get the last of my Longstreet work up... namely, the three commanders for the armies I did for some other guys (these guys will double as hero markers) and three sharpshooter markers.

The heroes turned out pretty good... I did one in a red shirt, sort of like A.P. Hill's battle shirt (although he wore a jacket over his I would imagine...)  I might actually get a little green stuff to do a small beard on that figure.

The sharpshooters were fairly simple, although for the two federal armies I decided to do Berdan's... they just look good, as long as you need to do sharpshooters!

So... good stuff!:)