Your favorite wargame unit?

Hi all!

So, I was recently skimming through blogs, and looking at some of the FANTASTIC wargames units out there, and it got me thinking... of all the wargames units I can remember seeing, which is my favorite?

Tough, right?  I mean, I have a few that I adore... I mean, I love the siege guns over at Echoes of Glory...

And I adore Der Alte Fritz's artillery...

But my favorite wargames unit of all time?  I think it is Dave Taylor's Cameron Highlanders!

Just check out the rearing horse with the commander urging his men on!  Beautiful paint, beautiful scene... and, I think, my favorite wargames unit!

So, I wanted to ask; what is YOUR favorite (not your own) wargames unit?

Post them in the comments; I'll do a whole post of the favorites so we can all feast on some eye candy!:)