My Imperial X-Wing force!

Hi all!

Well, I finally got around to snapping some photos of my Imperial force for X-Wing!

It consists of six TIE Fighters, three TIE Interceptors, and two TIE Advanceds.  I figure that should be all I need for a while:)  I did go through after I got the TIE Interceptors, which have a blue hue, and did a little paint work, so that all the ships would match.  Pretty simple; just did a blue-grey wash on all the ships.

Here is my first set of TIE Fighters.  I did a little work with paint on one, so it can represent any special character TIE Fighter I might purchase.  I find it is easier when the special guys stand out.

Here is my second wing of TIE Fighters.

Here are my three Interceptors.  As with the first set of TIEs, I did the red stripes on one of the Interceptors, so if I buy a named pilot that ship can easily represent him.

And finally, here are my two Advanceds.  I run one almost always as Vader; I haven't run both in one game yet!

So... there is my Imperial force!