My first X-Wing battle report... comic book style!

Hey all!

Well... I had a buddy over last night, and we had our first game of X-Wing!  I took Darth Vader and six crappy TIE Fighters.  He took Luke with Artoo, Biggs, a Red Squadron Pilot, and Horton Salm with an Ion turret.

I attempted to flank his force of Rebels with half of my TIE Fighters, but unfortunately he turned right  towards on group and engaged them all at once, leaving me with half of my guys facing an entire enemy force!  It didn't go well, as you will see...

And I hope it makes sense; there are one or two mistakes that hopefully you won't notice... the photos saved all out of order, so I did the best I could!  And I don't know why the cycle-through lightbox isn't working right...

Anyway... enjoy!