Work continues on the 25mm Chateau

Howdy all!

Well, it has been a LONG damn time since I worked on toy soldiers.  Between the new baby, working on my video game, and now Battlefield 3 (stupid XBOX and friends!) toy soldiers have taken a back seat.

However, I really want to finish my 25mm Chateau so it can be sold to a happy home!

So... I am working on the last few bits to go with it!

Now, I already have some crates, some barrels, and a well that go with the chateau.  I am adding three more bits; some more barrels, a little vegetable garden, and a woodpile!

The woodpile is primed and ready for paint... I'll get it done today.

I also made the garden; it fits in a few places in the chateau, and will look really fantastic when it is done.  After I took this photo I primed it, and will paint it ASAP.

Oh, and another project that I did recently... a name plate for my son's door that matches his room.

So... back to toy soldiers!:)