So... what should this fence look like?

Hey all!

Okay... finally getting back to my 25mm French chateau, which I plan to sell soon!

I am working on finishing up the main gate, and on a few of the "supporting" pieces that I will include with the chateau when I sell it.

I've done some crates, some barrels, a stone wall, and a well.  I still have to finish some more barrels, the woodpile, and then I want to make a small garden for the inside courtyard.

It would be a small rectangle with fence on three sides; the back side is meant to be put up against a building.  It will fit either next to the house or next to the barn.

My question is; what should the fence look like around it?  Would it be planks, like on the right?  Or small timbers with spaces (as on the left)?  Or what?  I have no idea what style of fence would be used inside a courtyard!

Any help?