Considering a new project... thoughts?

(Above inspirational photo courtesy of Agis Neugebauer... excuse me while I drool!)

Howdy all!

Recently been thinking about possibly tackling a new project... wanted to see what folks thought!

I've never painted any sort of modern troops, and thought that might be fun!

So... the idea was inspired by an article I read in Wargames Illustrated; a set of modern troops with a modular set of buildings and road tiles to go with them.  The project would have four parts:

First, a small force of modern US troops.  I am thinking around 20 infantry, a pair of humvees, and an M1A1 Abrams would do nicely.  I could add something to it later (a LAV-25 or a chopper) but I think that is basically all I would need.

Second, a slightly larger force of generic Middle Eastern enemies.  I am not sure if I want to do more of an Afghan style enemy (wearing traditional Afghan headwear) or a more insurgent type of force with masks and such.  Thoughts?

Third, I would get a bunch of the MDF buildings from GameCraft miniatures.  They have some great stuff, and it seems very affordable.  I'd have to get a number of buildings... maybe 12 or 15 smaller ones and 8 or so mid-sized/larger ones.

Lastly, I'd make up a set of modular boards for it.  I think a bunch of boards which are 1x1 would do it.  I think I'd do maybe eight with various road layouts, and something special for the other two... maybe one with some fields, and one with a small oasis.  I'd make parts of it raised, maybe using a heavy cardboard, to represent city sidewalks and to help make the roads stick out.  I'd probably also pick up some palm trees and some various assorted bits and pieces you'd find in a city that you could use as cover... jersey barriers, barbed wire, oil drums, etc.

I would then do a set of rules for all of this as a "solo play" game where you control the Americans and the terrain and enemies are randomly generated and can fight without you... I think that would be pretty sweet:)

So!  Any suggestions for the new project?