Purchased the supplies for the Moderns collection!

Howdy all!

Well, I purchased most of what I need for the moderns.  One pack of 20 US soldiers (I may get another), two packs of insurgents (maybe I didn't need that many, but whatever) and some jersey barricades from Rebel minis.

I also got some Flames of War palm trees from Amazon (much cheaper!)

And finally a bunch of buildings from Gamecraft minis!  You can see the breakdown at the top... a lot of one story buildings with a few two stories as well... I didn't want to get too many really huge buildings.  I also got some stairs and interior walls; I plan to do interiors on all of the buildings, but VERY simple interiors... some rugs on the floors, and then some colored blocks of balsa to represent cover (tables, chairs, desks, etc)  Very simple stuff but enough for gaming.

Anyway... should be fun!

I think I also made another decision... I am selling a collection of my old 15mm ACW figures.  I'll put up more info soon... it will be roughly 14 units... 8 US and 6 CSA... all in one go.  I think the whole thing is pictured above.  The thing is... the idea of selling figures does break my heart a bit!