Can I get everyones input on some miniatures?

Hi all!

Okay; I am starting in on a new 28mm Napoleonics project, and I was hoping for some input!

I have this figure sitting around from my last subscription to Wargames Illustrated:

I've had it sitting for a while, and last night I decided that I'd finally get to painting it!

So, what I am going to do is the traditional big scene of Napoleon and his generals/officers.  He is going to be sitting at the front, alone, as seen above.  A number of officers will be sitting behind him, with several waiting respectfully a little ways back, as if they don't want to disturb him.

I am going to use a few packs.  The first I am using is this one from the Perry Twins:

I love this set, particularly because of the table and the officers writing orders at it.

However, I am torn about which set to use along with this.  There are two I am looking at.

The first is this one, of French generals.

The second is this one, of "random" French officers.

I only want to use one of these two, as the costs for using all three are just a bit much for me (unless someone out there wants to split those costs and the figures!)

I like the set of generals because it is appropriate; those are the guys who would be around Napoleon.

However, I like the LOOK of the second set far more; very colorful, and I love that there are representatives of so many different cool units of the French Napoleonic army.  But no generals?  Is that possible?

So; what does everyone think?  Which should I use?  Just as an FYI, this is purely for display; it is not for actual gaming.

Thanks in advance for the input!