Visiting Fort Ticonderoga

Hey all!

First off, sorry it has been SO damn long... I am just not doing a lot with toy soldiers at the moment, so have nothing to share!

Well, almost nothing:)

I took a trip with my father in law up to Fort Ticonderoga and took a few shots for those AWI/F&I folks here; so Giles, these are for you!:)

A shot overlooking the lake.  Man, those cannon have a great view:)

Every gun had beautiful engravings.

One of the many mortars in the place.

An impressive list of "guests" I would say!:)

The barracks.  A number of reenactors were there, doing the living history thing.

A model of a British landing craft.

Very cool breech loading gun!  They had some wonderful weapons there.

Beautiful horns.

Another beautiful powder horn.

One of the MANY powder horns.  Beautiful stuff.

A selection of Scottish weapons.

Muskets.  Ahhhh muskets!:)

A brace of pistols.

Toy soldiers!  I loved seeing these... apparently our hobby is timeless!

I love seeing original leathers and original canteens, almost more than the weapons themselves.

This was very neat; a powder tester!  You load it up with an amount of power and then fire it, and the further along the crank-thing it gets, the higher grade the powder is.

A pair of Brown Besses.  Maybe my favorite ever gun.

The interior of the fort.

I liked seeing that drum sitting there.

A pair of pistols owned by George Washington.

A view over the lake.

"... that our flag was still there!"

Small hole that can do a lot of damage.

Great little gun.

A demonstration going on.

A close up of the participants.

The fife and drum corps.

After the demo, the guys still fired off a few rounds.

Overall a really beautiful fort!