A great Normandy assault on the iPad

Howdy all!

Well... REALLY enjoying Battle Academy for the iPad.

Played the first Normandy scenario (there are a TON of scenarios for this damn game... dozens and dozens spread across eight or something campaigns).

You just landed on the beaches and have to break inland.  There are several objectives right at the beaches that need taking, two inland causeways that need capturing, and finally there is town that is held by paratroopers that you must relieve.

A LOT of damned fun.  Taking villages is a brute... you've got to bring armor up and pound the hell out of any position you think enemy infantry might be lurking in... then, if you can, flank with your infantry and assault the houses.  If you try to roll tanks right down the street you are doomed.

Tough to use the naval bombardments... they take a few turns to reach the target, so I am still trying to make sure the enemy hasn't LEFT when the rounds arrive!  I did have a great moment where I had some airborne troops holding a bridge against a wave of German armor... just as they were about to be overrun the naval shells thundered in, throwing back the Germans and destroying a bunch of them.  It was pretty excellent.

I did end up winning... just as my airborne guys were about to be overrun on the edge of the town I managed to roll a column of Shermans and Stewarts right in the back of the town and attack them from the flanks.  Victory was mine!

A really great game... HIGHLY recommended for ANY wargamer with an iPad and a couple of bucks to spare.  Between the dozens of missions, the open ended play, and the apparently easy multiplayer (I haven't tried it yet) it definitely seems worth it.