That's it... Games Workshop has gone full retard


Listen... I appreciate Games Workshop.  They've been in the toy soldier biz for a LONG time, and have contributed a lot of the most important bits of toy soldiering to the hobby.  I've been reading White Dwarf since around issue 70 (and have them all in boxes) and have owned a LOT of Games Workshop and Citadel miniatures.

But with the latest edition of White Dwarf, and indeed the recent White Dwarfs (or is it Dwarves?) I feel like they have just gone too far.

So... Storm of Magic.

Holy crap, it is terrible.  Forget the fact that they have these arcane fulcrums, which are so over the top and ridiculous and they are making these instead of, say, more useful battle boards or decent houses and the like.  Forget the fact that the actual soldiers don't matter so much anymore compared to the magicians.  Nope... what kills me is this ridiculous "binding scroll" thing by which you can have all sorts of horrific evil monsters fighting alongside the Empire, Dwarves, and Elves.  Oh god.  It is f'ing ridiculous.  The latest White Dwarf had a photo on the back of an Empire army.  Now, everyone should know I have a weak spot for the Empire (btw, proud to say that when you do a google image search for Middenheim army, mine is the first to show up!)  But what the hell... it has a giant six armed minotaur fighting for it?!  W... T... F?!

So yeah.  I am a bit sick of GW right now.  Warhammer has slowly and surely become more and more over the top and ridiculous, and this latest decision (made, I am sure, so they can sell more of each model... after all, if EVERY army can field a giant six armed minotaur certainly you'll sell more of them!) just does it for me.