Now THIS is some OLD SCHOOL Warhammer!

Hey all!

Okay... was going through some old boxes of figures (a gent across the pond is interested in buying them) and thought I'd share what I found... some SERIOUSLY old school Warhammer figures!  For some it will be fun to reminisce... for others it may be a first time you see them!  Please forgive the paintjob... I was very young!

Some elf wardancers... these were the height of my childhood painting!

A bunch of old school elves... Skarlocs rangers (minus Skarloc and the wardancer guy who was the unit champ) some beastmasters with their animals, Elric, and the guy from a cool four horse chariot (which I couldn't find, dammit!)

Old school elf dragon rider.  He came off his base, but is fine.

Some representatives of THE original plastic set... missing from the photo are the dwarf and the elf!

An awesome regiment of black orcs with halbards.  LOVE the musician with the cymbals, and the champ with the BIG sword.  A very cool unit.

Rugluds Armored Orcs, minus the boss himself... also two random crossbow guys, and two OLD school Citadel orcs... some of the very first released I think.

Some more of the original plastic orcs, a cool orc warboss on a boar, an old school goblin chariot with swordsman and shaman, and a GREAT orc warboss on a wyvern (his wing is off but can easily be reattached.)

Agh, cannot remember the name of this skeleton unit (which is missing a few figures.)  Anyone remember it?

Argh!  Forgetting this one too!  A Dark Elf unit... something like Mengels Manhides?  Note it was half witch elves and half warriors!

Some GREAT original chaos dwarves... plus an original Jugg, some older chaos warriors, and a GREAT chaos mage:)

A few more elves.

Some original Golfags ogres!  I have a standard bearer and another trooper somewhere... I'll have to find them.

Here is that giant, pictured with a Foundry russian for scale.  Notice the painted toenails and fingernails... my giants are FIERCE, baby!

Two of the eight hobgoblins... seven are the trooper to the right.  I think I may have a standard bearer for them, I'll have to look.

The trolls!  I do love the old school GW trolls:)

Anyway... it was a lot of fun to look through these guys... hope everyone enjoys them!

Sorry everyone, these guys have found homes!  Thanks though!